Releases of Android Openwrt



Feature List:

  • transmission, on our TV Box Player the peak rate is 80Mbps, here is demo video
  • aria2, baidu sync at port 5299, resilio sync at port 8888
  • android samba server
  • minidlna Upnp,DLNA
  • Subtitle Downloader
  • nextcloud on 59999 in android-large image
  • Western Digital Password Utility
  • frpc
  • Motion home surveillance,and motioneye web ui at port 8765
  • Shadowsocks client, v2ray, download link

Amazing performance of transmission on Android Openwrt

If you don’t have a suitable android device to run it, we prepare a well-chosen Android TV Box player for you.

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Remote access Android Openwrt luci web interface

You can remotely manage the android openwrt using web browser from desktop computer or anywhere else. If you want to install some package, you can find the software package and install it through luci web interface

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Login on Android Openwrt from desktop computer

Install putty

Then configure putty as shown in the figure, fill in the IP address of the Android set-top box/mobile phone, select SSH, and click Open to connect. The default password of root is asdf1234.

nano text editor

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Access Android Openwrt samba server share from Windows
  • Samba is enable on Android Openwrt by default
  • Enter \\xx.xx.xx.xx in the windows file explorer to access the Android Openwrt Samba share, (xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP address of Android openwrt)
  • User name and password is root and asdf1234, if you want to modify the password, you can use the smbpasswd command.

\\xx.xx.xx.xx\root\sdcard sharing is the Android SD card

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Android Transmission BitTorrent clients

There are several benefits of using transmission PT/BT downloads on Android set-top boxes: low power consumption, ultra-quiet, 24-hour seeding, and remote management from anywhere. Here is how to use android transmission:

  • Enter the Android openwrt address in the browser, and visit openwrt luci web page, then navigate to transmission section.
  • transmission configuration example
  • Use a browser to access the transmission web management interface http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9091 on the desktop computer. If you want to manage transmission with a mobile phone, you can use Android transdroid app. The following is the familiar transmission web management interface
  • Upload torrent files to android transmission
  • Don’t forget to configure port forwarding for the transmission peer port on your router
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Android Openwrt minidlna video streaming service

After the video is downloaded, it can be played directly on the Android set-top box; or use minidlna to share the video and stream to the desktop computer, mobile phone or other Android set-top box to watch

Here is the demo video:

1. Enable minidlna in web luci

2. After starting, you can visit http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8200 in the browser to see the status of minidlna. Every time it starts, minidlna scans multimedia files from scratch, so it will take a while to display status.

3、Using MediaHouse or BubbleUPnP on Android phones, VLC Media Player on desktop computer, you will find “OpenWrt DLNA Server”


4. Then you can browse the shared multimedia. It is recommended to use MX Player to play video on Android phones.

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Build Your Own Surveillance with old phone and motion/motioneye on Android Openwrt

If you have some old phones collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, don’t sell them for a fraction of what you bought them for. If they still turn on, you can put them to good use in your home.

You could turn one into a baby monitor or a makeshift Google Home speaker, etc. One of the most useful ways to upcycle an old phone is to make it into a home security camera.

1、First install the IP camera APP on the phone, so that you can use the phone camera for video surveillance

config user name and password
After starting monitoring, you can get the rtsp url address from the APP interface

There are several issues in video surveillance with mobile phones alone:

  • Mobile phone SD card space is limited, unable to store a lot of videos
  • The mobile phone SD card has a limit on the write cycles. Frequent storage of video files on the SD card will damage the SD card
  • There is no unified management portal if you have several mobile phone
  • Cannot access the network surveillance video from the internet

But if you use Android Openwrt together, you can get the following benefits:

  • You can manage and browse multiple mobile phones camera in a unified interface
  • The video can be saved on the USB hard disk connected to the set-top box
  • You can browse the network surveillance video from the internet through frpc

2、Use a browser to access the Android openwrt motioneye web management interface, the address is http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8765, xx.xx.xx.xx is the ip address of Android openwrt

username is admin, and initial password is empty
Select the “add camera” drop-down menu in the upper left corner
Configure camera type according to the rtsp url and usrname/password on the mobile APP
Configure the storage location of pictures and videos, it is recommended to save it on the hard disk
Input movies config
Input motion detection config
After clicking “apply” button in the upper left corner, you will see the camera image

Here is a video clip recorded by motion when activity was detected.

If you want to send an email notification after the activity is detected, you can configure the activity notification, as shown in the figure below:

And with frpc you can access motion video surveillance from the internet.

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Android Openwrt features demo video

This is demostration of android openwrt on Herabox TV Box Player, and of course you can remotely access the Web UI from anywhere you want.

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Android Openwrt installation

Installing Android Openwrt requires root privileges, and SDCard needs enough space.

Here is installation procedure:

If the following three installation step do not show up, it mean the installation might have failed


2、Choose OK, the installation progress bar whill show up

3、After the progress bar is finished, the openwrt will start to run

If the last step does not appear, it means that the installation has failed, usually because of root privilege.

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The one and only western digital password unlock utility for Android

WD My Passport Security for Android

Unlock WD security on Android

Western Digital my passport has password security function, but currently only the windows system has WD security utility, not the Android system. This software is the one and only Western Digital password unlocking tool on Android system.

If the hard disk is password protected and inserted into an Android device, it cannot be accessed. And you need to enter the password through Android openwrt’s luci web management system to unlock it.

  • Enter the Western Digital password utility configuration from the luci web management interface
  • Click the “add” button to add the disk configuration that needs to be unlocked
  • Enter the disk device and password, then click the “Save&Apply” button
  • Then the disk can be accessed, and through the mount configuration of luci, click “add” button to add configuration to mount the disk to the directory
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