Android Openwrt minidlna video streaming service

After the video is downloaded, it can be played directly on the Android set-top box; or use minidlna to share the video and stream to the desktop computer, mobile phone or other Android set-top box to watch

Here is the demo video:

1. Enable minidlna in web luci

2. After starting, you can visit http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8200 in the browser to see the status of minidlna. Every time it starts, minidlna scans multimedia files from scratch, so it will take a while to display status.

3、Using MediaHouse or BubbleUPnP on Android phones, VLC Media Player on desktop computer, you will find “OpenWrt DLNA Server”


4. Then you can browse the shared multimedia. It is recommended to use MX Player to play video on Android phones.

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